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Vikrant Rona Cast Salaries, Budget, And More

Vikrant Rona is a 2022 Kannada-language action adventure fantasy film directed by Anup Bhandari. It stars Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, and Jacqueline Fernandez in lead roles. It is a highly anticipated movie in the Sandalwood. The film is scheduled to release worldwide on 28 July 2022 in theatres.

We have the latest information regarding the Vikrant Rona movie. If you want to know about Vikrant Rona movie cast, budget, cast salaries, story, and more, then keep reading this article. So, let’s start:-

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Vikrant Rona Overview

NameVikrant Rona
Original LanguageKannada
Release Date28 July 2022
Directed ByAnup Bhandari
Produced ByKichcha Creations
Shalini Arts
Invenio Films India
Distributed byShalini Arts
Salman Khan Films
PVR Pictures
Cosmos Entertainment
Zee Studios
Wayfarer Films
One Twenty 8 Media

Vikrant Rona Story

Set almost half a century ago, the story is about a village in the middle of tropical rainforest that starts witnessing some supernatural events. An eccentric police officer, Vikrant Rona played by Sudeep has to find the truth of all mysterious incidents. For more information, watch the trailer.

Vikrant Rona Trailer

Vikrant Rona Cast

The star cast of Vikrant Rona Movie are:-

Vikrant Rona Cast
Sudeep as Vikrant Rona
Nirup Bhandari as Sanju aka Sanjeev Gambhira
Neetha Ashok as Panna aka Aparna Ballal
Jacqueline Fernandez as Racquel D’Coasta / Gadang Rakkamma
Ravishankar Gowda as Vishwanath Ballal
Madhusudan Rao as Janardhan Gambhira
Vasuki Vaibhav as Baalu aka Baalakrishna
Siddu Moolimani as Munna aka Mohanchandra Ballal
Ramm Bogadi as Mahabala
Chitkala Biradar as Baby Ballal
Ramesh Kukkuvalli as Eknath Gambhira

To know more about the cast of this series, visit this Wikipedia page.

Vikrant Rona Budget

BudgetRs 95 Crores

The film is made with a total budget of Rs 95 crores and it is one of the most expensive Kannada movies. Around 85 Crores was spent on production costs (including salaries of the cast) and 10 Crores on marketing costs.

Vikrant Rona movie must gross at least 100 crores to become a hit.

Vikrant Rona Cast Salaries

Sudeep Rs 15 crores
Jacqueline FernandezRs 4 crores
OtherNot Known

As per reports, Sudeep has charged 15 crores as his fees for his role in Vikrant Rona which is around 16% of the total budget of the movie. However, Jacqueline Fernandez has charged a sum of around 4 crores for this movie. This amount is 1/3 of the fees of Sudeep.

However, there is no information available regarding the salaries of the remaining cast members.


When Vikrant Rona movie will be released in theatres?

28 July 2022

What is the budget for the Vikrant Rona movie?

Rs 95 crores

How much Sudeep has charged for the Vikrant Rona movie?

As per reports, Sudeep has charged 15 crores as his fees for his role in Vikrant Rona

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